What We Do And Why We Do It

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Deep Drawn Metal StampingsWhat we do:

We are a contract manufacturer of deep draw metal stampings. Deep draw stamping is a process in which the work piece is gradually stretched and formed into its final shape through a transfer press operation. Each operation within the press or “station” is a calculation of ratio between the force required to achieve the maximum depth of the work piece without deforming the metal. On average, most of our deep drawn parts pass through eight to twelve stations of operation to become the finished component. Visually, if you had a selection of deep draw shapes within your hand, they would resemble tubes, cans, covers or caps. Consumer products with deep draw components include household batteries, caps for perfume and cologne bottles, and some costume jewelry shapes.

Deep Draw Sealing ComponentsWhy we do it:

Our founder was a deep draw tool and die maker. Deep draw tool making is highly specialized within the tool and die industry, requiring a lengthy apprenticeship and close mentoring, beginning at the age of sixteen in vocational high school and work study pre-apprenticeship. This kind of training and its commensurate awards has created a great deal of trust, loyalty, and longevity for our business.

We do it because our parts are essential within our customers’ supply chains. Without our components, they could not complete their products. Whether it is an appliance part, a bearing part, an automotive part, a valve pump part, or a medical device part, our customers rely on us for its supply.

Finally, we do this to make life better for all of us. Our deep drawn components are in pollution control assemblies, fuel efficiency assemblies, drug and food processing equipment, and critical medical device delivery systems.

Have a deep draw metal stamping project that would be best handled by a provider that truly understands the customer experience and is committed to your success? Contact us! Email info@pmpdeepdraw.com or call 203-758-4448, X102 for our Sales Manager, Nicole Taylor.