Teamwork and Camaraderie Lead to Shared Success


By Anthony Romero

(Sales and Applications Engineering Mgr.)

One of our greatest strengths at Prospect Machine Products (PMP) is teamwork. Our leadership team fosters a sense of connection and commitment among peers that translates into many benefits for our customers. This practice strengthens the group effort when facing common challenges and meeting deadlines.

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For example, our deep draw stamping process and environment of open collaboration has proven successful in helping us meet ambitious goals such as an average turnaround for new quotes of 48 hours and the incorporation of secondary operations in the presses to increase production rates. This approach also enables us to maintain strong relationships with our supply chain, meaning we can respond to customer needs more quickly.

A Deep Draw Stamping Environment Designed for Achieving Objectives

While the technology and processes we use are cutting-edge, our company culture at PMP is what empowers us to meet customer objectives. Its key attributes include:

  • Supporting one another with full collaboration
  • Treating each team member with respect, trust, and integrity
  • Demonstrating accountability when facing challenges
  • Expressing gratitude for milestones achieved throughout the organization
  • Emphasizing the advantages of teamwork
  • Building camaraderie that creates openness and a willingness to express new ideas

PMP’s philosophy draws on a bit of wisdom from author Kenneth H. Blanchard, “None of us is as smart as all of us.”. Since we know from experience that each member of our team brings different strengths and traits to bear on our challenges, which increases the effectiveness of the group and helps ensure the success of our customers, and by extension, our company.


None of us is as smart as all of us.” 

(Kenneth H. Blanchard)



In fact, several recent customer surveys provided very positive feedback. For example, our deep draw product customer satisfaction based on on-time delivery, product quality, pricing, and technical support was graded at an all-time high.

So, as we celebrated the success we share with all of you, the PMP team wishes the best of years for 2019 to all of our customers, suppliers, and prospects.