How Our Real-Time Communication Capabilities Benefit Our Deep Draw Customers

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The deep draw manufacturing process is advanced in terms of its ability to deliver cost savings through reduced materials consumption, fewer fabrication steps to arrive at a finished part, and less dimensional variability for the millions of parts we produce annually for our customers. However, our approach to communicating about that very efficient and cost-effective process was not, until recently, similarly advanced.

Making the Transition to Digital Interactions About Deep Drawn Parts

Like many manufacturers, we have historically pursued new business the “old school” way, through referrals from satisfied customers, cold calling, trade publications, postcards, and networking. And, we’re proud of the strong, trusting relationships we’ve established in that way.

But, last year we realized that adopting a “digital marketing” approach would not only allow us to reach more prospective deep draw stamping customers, it would also enable us to communicate with our customers and companies considering our services in a more direct, real-time way. Since that time, PMP has embraced advances like online chat, video conferencing, and digital meetings, and the results have been remarkable.

These tools have not only improved the way we connect with our target market, they have, more importantly, greatly enhanced our ability to gather information from, and share our expertise with, our customers. This includes:

  • Establishing productive, technical relationships more quickly. Online technology has allowed PMP technical staff and customers to engage in dialogues about deep draw metal stamping in which they very quickly “get on the same page” about the functionality of the part, material specifications, tolerances, and design constraints. Plus, as that rapport develops, both teams feel more at ease about sharing and exploring new ideas.
  • Expediting manufacturability verdicts. Through digital interactions with customers, our experts can review the geometry of potentially deep drawn parts and their tolerances and reach a conclusion about feasibility that saves the customer time when they are researching options for economical deep draw metal forming.
  • Shortening the time from design to delivery. With a more traditional communication approach, the process of moving from the “just an idea” stage to fully realized drawn metal products could be significant. With our new approach, we can iterate on a customer’s ideas, come to an approved deep draw design, and begin production in a fraction of the time.
  • Creating a more positive customer experience. Both the speed and the clarity of digital conversations and deep draw quotations lead to faster outcomes and happier, better-informed customers.

How Can Your Organization Capitalize on Our New Digital Approach?

One of the best features of digital communication tools is that they make it easy for people who want to learn more about our company and our deep draw metal stamping services to assess PMP’s capabilities. While we certainly welcome in-person interactions, in a short chat session or brief videoconference, we can demonstrate the expertise that gives you the confidence to move forward with us.

Comprehensive Support for Deep Drawn Stamping

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