Our Process

We know speed-to-market is important to our customers, which is why we begin a dialogue with you early in the process, establishing realistic benchmarks. We continue to communicate our progress regularly to help keep your production running as smoothly as possible, to accommodate demand volatility, and to meet delivery schedules.

Once we receive your order, we launch your project through engineering, production, and quality tasks with a team focus to guide the process to completion. While larger deep draw manufacturers have a separate department for toolmaking, we assign your project to a single toolmaker who, with full team assistance, guides the project through tool completion, setup, development, and production. This notion of job ownership has been part of Prospect’s culture since its founding in 1950. We believe this is critical to us and to you to avoid interdepartmental silos and multiple channels of communication, as well as to promote accountability.

Time and again, our customers appreciate our ability to meet their delivery schedules, provide stable pricing and cost savings, and produce high-quality, custom products. These are the values that set us apart and that forge long-term relationships with our customers.

“The manufacturing sectors we serve are diverse, and our clients have unique needs that cannot be fulfilled by suppliers who provide off-the-shelf solutions. Meeting the distinctive requirements of each client’s blueprint is a complex process, but our integrated team approach helps this process run more smoothly and sets us apart from our competitors.”
Richard Laurenzi, President