PMP Deep Draw Metal Stamping Video

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Our New Deep Draw Metal Stamping Video                           Video Recording Camera

Lights! Camera! Deep Draw action! Our new company video launched last month. Two non-stop days of shooting, stills, and … acting. Plus editing, voice over, and animation. Over two hours of footage edited down to just over six minutes. A cast of dozens. Thousands of “extras” of deep draw metal stamping components highly animated and dangerously rolling and tumbling towards the camera. An uprising of deep drawn parts instigated by clever and dangerous tool and die makers.

Well, that is a bit overstated. The process was pretty tedious, actually.

Have a look, meet our staff and watch our deep draw metal stamping process.

The award nominations are pouring in. I’ll see you on the runway…

This Video was produced by Al Ferreira of Al Ferreira Photography. Thank you Al for all your hard work!

~Click here to view video~