PMP Awarded New Business with Leading Security Hardware Company


deep drawn metal stampings for security hardware

PMP Awarded New Business with Leading Security Hardware Company

One of the largest companies in security hardware selected Prospect Machine Products as a key supplier for numerous deep draw components. The company learned of us through the technical chat on our website and shared prints during a video conference for a quote.

After providing the estimate, PMP was selected as one of six deep drawing manufacturers to get further consideration. Following a site visit by a corporate team and a subsequent audit, the customer awarded us the work consisting of numerous new part numbers.

Challenges and Opportunities

Each of the jobs we were awarded required a complete set of new tools. This was a formidable challenge for a small manufacturer of deep draw metal stampings. However, we chose to view it as an opportunity to excel and utilized our project management tools along with customer-specific project management requirements to keep our teams on task. 

We also held weekly video conferences and teleconferences over the next nine months to guide the development of the new deep draw tooling for all the jobs. Internally, we met weekly with team members from all disciplines, discussing our tooling benchmarks and updating our Gantt chart for each job before our weekly conference with the customer.

Gantt Chart of the Deep Draw Process

A Focus on Safety

Safety was the customer’s highest priority since it’s essential that their products remain functional in a variety of harsh circumstances. I had the opportunity to tour their production facility and watch various product tests. These assessments focused on repeatability and reliability, with cycle counts into the millions. Many of the tests were conducted for product endurance in severe conditions such as extreme heat and with impact shock factors.

Since deep draw components are a large part of their assembly process, it was critical that these elements demonstrate blueprint dimensional conciseness resulting in positive fit and function for the product, and contributing to its safety.

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