Pave Your Road to Success by Partnering with the Right Deep Draw Contract Manufacturer

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If you use parts created through deep draw metal stamping, it is critical that you choose the right manufacturing partner. But how do you evaluate potential partners? Following are key supplier attributes you should assess before making your selection.

On-time delivery record (OTD)

When a deep draw product component is delayed, whether by months, weeks, or days, you face the possibility of both short-term and long-term impacts. If the component is part of a product that is going to market soon, you may miss out on optimal sales windows. If the component is required for a larger device, the delay can cause a cascading effect. For example, even if small parts like the brushes, diodes, or bearings needed for the assembly of an aircraft engine aren’t delivered on time, this can push out the delivery date with all the financial ramifications. Your supplier of choice must have an excellent OTD history.

Safety in the work place

On the job accidents can cause production downtime that affects delivery dates. It can also hurt product quality as it can take time for replacement workers to fully understand the nuances of the tasks they take on. The contract deep draw manufacturer you choose to work with should have very low job accident rates.

Manufacturer Product quality

High scrap rates and excessive rework can increase the cost of deep drawn parts. On the other hand, if there are “escapes” (poor quality parts that leave the production facility), this can damage your reputation in the market place, resulting in substantial loss of revenue and future business. Your deep draw metal stamping partner must have a world-class quality control program and maintain exceptional quality ratings by keeping defective parts per million (DPPM)s to a minimum.

Product launch support

When stakeholders across all disciplines are engaged at the beginning of a project, this helps support a successful and timely product launch. In addition, to ensure that key project milestones are achieved, progress must be monitored and coordinated using advanced project management methods and shared through Gantt charts and other clear, concise reports.

Technical expertise

Partnering with a company that has skilled and experienced engineers and tool makers is critical to design optimization. Doing so allows you to benefit from savings in manufacturing, subsequent assembly, materials, and production runs. The deep draw manufacturer you select should have extensive in-house technical expertise.

Lean manufacturing

A deep draw metal stamping company’s lean manufacturing processes can help control costs and limit waste. This can translate into your company being able to implement more competitive pricing and win more business. It can also have a positive impact on quality and OTD. The supplier you choose should have an ongoing lean manufacturing program overseen by a qualified team leader (ideally a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt).

Advanced logistics

The deep draw manufacturer you select must have a state-of-the-art enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to ensure that all operations needed for product realization are efficient. This includes purchasing, production planning, engineering, inspection, inventory control, and personnel management.

Work Force Stability

Prospect Machine Products has always promoted workforce stability through the development of skills required to successfully meet the demands of our customers.  We have a long-standing relationship with our vocational high school and our state department of labor to provide us with high school students who have chosen tool and die as their career path.  Upon graduation, these students are enrolled in the labor department’s tool and die apprenticeship for a three-year period and upon completion receive their journeyman’s certificate for deep draw toolmaking.

We support career development through educational advancement for any team member by contributing to the expense of tuition and fees and adjustments to work schedules.  Off-site development includes training in Lean processes and Six Sigma Black Belt training.

Above all, we diligently work to maintain a safe and clean environment

We Welcome Your Deep Draw Stamping Inquiries

At PMP, we operate with complete transparency and welcome the most thorough evaluations of every aspect of our operations, from manufacturing technology to production methodologies.  Contact us! Email or call 203-758-4448, X102 for our Sales Manager, Taylor.