Value-Added Services

We Bring Superior Providers to Streamline Your Process

Through a dedicated supply chain, we provide you with many value-added services post-deep drawing operations to help streamline
the completion of your project.

Some of these services include:

Value added packaging solutions for the deep draw process

♦ Electro-plated finishes – We offer a wide variety of OEM-specified finishes including zinc, nickel, black oxide, gold, copper, and epoxy resin (e-coat) and are RoHS compliant. 

♦ Heat treatment – Our supply chain can provide all heat treat specifications including annealing, case hardening, ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC), and carbonitriding.

♦ Specialty packaging – Our packaging is tailored to our customers’ requirements both domestically and internationally.

♦ Precision Cleaning – We offer bulk cleaning, deburring, alkaline, passivation and rust prevention as well as specified micro finishes exceeding the nominal microfinish achieved through the deep draw process. We can also provide debris removal to the 100 micron level or less.

A Team of Trusted,

To ensure your finished project meets your precise standards and specifications, we select our supply chain based on ISO 9001:2015 certification and other essential criteria. Our supply chain is local, with pickups and deliveries occurring daily at our facility. This close proximity has led to a great deal of flexibility in meeting our customers’ requirements on very short notice. It is very easy to meet face-to-face with our partners to tackle issues or view their processes on-site. 

working with local suppliers for value added solutions
business partnerships, a commitment to excellence

A Commitment to Excellence

With a commitment to excellence, our suppliers work with us to continually develop new processes to meet PMP’s and our customers’ exacting specifications, whether in plating, cleaning or heat treatment. We collaborate closely to guarantee continued quality output and on-time delivery of deep draw metal stampings to our customers. We entrust millions of parts to them each year and their performance has consistently proven superior. 

Testimonials from our suppliers:

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