Quality Assurance

Nearly Perfect is Not an Option

Prospect Machine Products has a proven track record of  providing you with the highest quality deep drawn parts. Throughout our production process, we incorporate a number of inspection processes and data evaluation to assure every part is fabricated according to our standard of excellence.


Some of our quality assurance methods include:

Quality Control in the Deep Draw Process

♦ We tailor metrology selection, inspection frequencies, and data collection on a job-to-job basis to meet customer-specific requirements and customer metrology correlations for deep draw components

♦ Inspection stations in the pressrooms link operators’ measurements to statistical process control software for evaluations in dimensional shifts that may require tool or machine alterations in order to return to the mean and stabilize the process

♦ An emphasis is placed on preventive and predictive maintenance, end-of-run tool evaluation, a rapid response process, and supplier quality manuals

Our Quality Processes:​

Our processes are built to handle the tens of millions of deep draw components we produce each year.

Outside audits of the internal processes are conducted numerous times throughout the year.

Management reviews key metrics benchmarks and posts them for the entire staff on a monthly basis

Daily Gemba addresses quality performance on a per-job basis.

We continually invest in new metrology to achieve higher degrees of dimensional accuracy for deep draw forms.

ISO 9001:2015 certified QMS.

Quality assurance caliper

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