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Top Deep Drawn Stamping Services: Our Approach

At PMP, an integrated team alliance defines our approach. From the initial quote through production, our deep draw experts work concurrently to assure the best course for your deep draw components. The open communication between our team and yours offers you the accessibility and flexibility needed to meet your customers’ demands.

Industrial engineer looking at tooling
Engineering & Tooling

All planning, tool drawings and tool fabrication are done on the premises of PMP by our highly-skilled toolmakers. With over 70 years of experience, we bring cost-effective solutions to your deep draw needs.

Deep Draw Process

The deep drawing process saves you time and money through the efficient use of material and the ability to perform multiple, complex steps in one machine and in one process. This unique ability of the deep draw process provides the answer to some of your most complex design specifications.

Close up view of metal coil used for deep draw process
Quality Assurance

Prospect Machine Products has a proven track record of  providing you with the highest quality deep drawn parts. Throughout our production process, we incorporate a number of inspection processes and data evaluation to assure every part is fabricated according to our standard of excellence.

Deep Draw Technical Specs

We continually expand our deep draw material selection based on our customers’ needs. The PMP technical team of engineers and tool makers have the experience and expertise to customize the deep drawn transfer press settings, which includes pressure, press speeds, clearances and tool lubrication.

Value Added Services

Through a dedicated supply chain, we provide you with many value-added services post-deep drawing operations to help streamline the completion of your project. We collaborate closely with our suppliers to guarantee continued quality output and on-time delivery of deep draw metal stampings to our customers. 

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