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Operational Excellence at Prospect Machine Products, a Deep Draw Stamping Manufacturer

“An essential key to remain competitive in today’s global marketplace”

By Anthony Romero, Sales and Applications Engineering Manager – August 12, 2019

Prospect Machine Products had the unique opportunity to receive black belt Six Sigma training by a customer with a strong lean manufacturing know-how. In that training, several chosen suppliers from other industries were also certified.

PMP’s Director of Quality Dave Boiano became a Black Belt and has since implemented several continuous improvement initiatives:

  • Gemba daily walks to discuss current manufacturing activities, production planning, and machine Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).
  • Manufacturing Key Process Indicators (KPIs) that are reviewed monthly by the management team (sales, quality, production planning, and purchasing)
  • Several Kaizen events to eliminate waste and improve efficiency
  • Leadership’s daily involvement on all phases of production
  • Employee participation in lean manufacturing

Our company’s focus on lean and continuous improvement manufacturing has earned us an excellent reputation among our competitors, both in the U.S. and abroad. Our pricing is very competitive based on feedback from established customers and prospects. However, PMP’s quality and on-time delivery are also world-class, achieving high ratings in the market.

And when it comes to new projects, our Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) method is another way we ensure customer satisfaction. This process calls for the involvement of toolmakers, quality personnel, manufacturing engineering, production planning, and sales during the launch phase of any new part or product. That involvement helps identify and remove roadblocks that might otherwise impede a project down the road.

A commitment to safety and willingness to absorb the costs associated with it also figure into operational excellence for multiple reasons. First and foremost, nobody wants see employees get injured at work. Plus, no company wants to be faced with the staffing and productivity challenges that arise when a team member is unable to work. That’s why safety is a high priority at PMP. Similarly, environmental compliance is important. Consequently, we have maintenance and engineering personnel who are tasked with ensuring that we are meeting all applicable guidelines in our operations.  

Technical support also plays a role in operational excellence. It must be provided in a timely manner and by individuals who understand both the company’s capabilities and the needs of its clients. This is especially important on new projects but also applies to ongoing projects. We take all the steps necessary to ensure our technical support is unmatched in the industry.

Other Elements of Operational Excellence

In addition to all of the internal factors that support operational excellence, there are external factors that come into play as well. For example, supply chain management is critical. It requires strong relationships with raw material and service providers who share our commitment to quality and on-time delivery, as their efforts affect our customer satisfaction as well.

Ultimately, achieving operational excellence is no easy task. It involves every aspect of running a manufacturing business and requires a significant investment of time, effort, and focus. However, we are committed to it and that commitment has proven to be the core of our success at Prospect Machine Products.

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