Medical Device Manufacturer Achieves 90 Percent Cost Savings with PMP

deep drawn parts for medical device manufacturerWhat does a  medical device manufacturer do when complex part geometry and other factors lead to high costs and delivery problems? In this case, they contacted Prospect Machine Products (PMP) for insights and assistance. 

The component they were struggling with required multiple machine operations  including turning, welding, threading, and deburring. This intricate manufacturing process was costly and time-consuming.

Eager to help the customer find a better solution, we assembled a technical team of experienced engineers, tool and die makers, quality control experts, and production personnel. The team determined that the most effective approach would be to  redesign the component to incorporate all secondary operations in the transfer press during the deep draw process.

The result? Our extensive deep draw expertise and engineering modeling knowledge   combined with the skill of our toolmakers produced:

  • A 90% cost reduction
  • Significantly shorter lead times
  • A well-designed part that meets all functional requirements

Ultimately, the customer was thrilled with the finished product and our team was happy to have helped them save time, cut costs, and improve their bottom line. One of the things we enjoy most is completing projects that help boost a company’s financial performance and profitability. We do that through a unique combination of computer design and simulation, the unmatched knowledge of our toolmakers, and a collaborative approach that gives the customer’s technical staff direct access to our engineers.

If you have questions about the deep draw process in general or PMP’s ability to assist with a specific project, we’re always happy to share our insights on  converting expensive machined parts to cost-effective deep drawn components.  Contact us! Email or call 203-758-4448, X102 for our Sales Manager, Nicole Taylor.