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Lean Awareness Training – The New Culture

On Friday, May 22, the entire Prospect Machine Products’ team completed a Lean Awareness Training Program as a launch into Lean thinking and processes. Part of the program consisted of hands-on training exercises as well as discussions that introduced our team to the strategies, tools and methods to succeed and thrive with our customers.

deep draw metal stamping manufacturer learning lean awareness

deep draw metal stamping manufacturer learning lean processes The program is part of a lean training curriculum offered by our local Manufacturing Extension Partnership affiliate, CONNSTEP. In addition to our latest round of training, Prospect Machine Products has also sent two team members through the thirteen week CONNSTEP course for Continuous Improvement Champion Certification. This off-site course immerses the participants in Lean practices and culminates in the presentation of a specific Lean project undertaken at Prospect.



Additionally, our two team members are now qualified to conduct continuous improvement events (kaizens) with our staff. We expect to send a third team member to the CICC program this fall.

deep draw metal stamping manufacturer and Lean Awareness Training

deep draw metal stamping manufacturer learning lean manufacturing The Lean road ahead will prove challenging to a custom contract manufacturer of deep draw components like Prospect. But this is the road we need to follow to sustain and grow our business.