Karen McWhirt, President of PMP Chats with Ari Santiago in Made in America Podcast

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Karen McWhirt, President of Prospect Machine Products, a deep draw manufacturer, chats with Ari Santiago in this week’s Made in America podcast episode!

Karen McWhirt, President of Prospect Machine Products, a deep draw manuacturer chats with Ari Santiago in Made in America Podcast

October is manufacturing month and what a great way to celebrate! Manufacturing month honors modern manufacturing and is meant to encourage the next generation of manufacturers.

I had the opportunity to tag along with Karen to sit in on the recording of the Podcast. It was such a fun and engaging experience and I was surprised to learn upon our arrival that there was no editing!

Karen McWhirt, President of PMP, a deep draw manufacturer

Karen and Ari touch upon many pertinent topics in today’s manufacturing industry including:

    • Women’s everchanging roles in manufacturing and the strengths they can bring into the deep draw stamping environment
    • Working with CONNSTEP (Our statewide MEP) and SMA (Smaller Manufacturers Association of Connecticut) and the beneficial services that they provide such as networking, training, and support of small manufacturers in Connecticut
    • 5s and how it has positively impacted our business in the deep draw metal stamping industry
    • How people, technologies, and processes are the keys that we need focus on for our future success and to continue to be relevant as a deep draw metal stamping manufacturer
    • How the latest information technologies in sales and marketing have brought us deep draw stamping business and as Ari mentions,” lean into the changes and not to be afraid of them if you want to continue compete.”

Tune in and learn more by watching the full episode here!

Podcast website: http://madeinamericawithari.com/

YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/user/itdirect151

Apple podcast link: https://tinyurl.com/y3olg8e3  

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By Nicole Spaeth, Sales Manager at Prospect Machine Products