What Should I look for in a Metal Stamping Manufacturer?

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Deep Drawn Metal Stamping Manufacturer

Choosing the Right Deep Draw Metal Stamping Manufacturer

When searching for a metal stamping manufacturer for your next project, it is important to select a company that is experienced and can deliver on time and within your budget. You’ll also want to find a supplier that will be the best fit for a long-term relationship. Close consideration of the supplier’s industry experience, engineering skills, high quality standards, company reputation and capacity are all factors that are important to your decision.

Why Reputation Matters

It is important to choose a metal stamping partner that not only has the metal stamping capability needed to produce a part but also offers complete support through the entire project including:

  • Design and engineering services– The supplier should be able to address a wide variety of issues from overall part concept to design to the manufacturability of the product. 
  • Flexibility– A good supplier will be responsive to demand fluctuations and willing to work with you to solve problems or changes from prototype to production.
  • Attentiveness– A deep draw partner should have a whatever- it- takes attitude to deliver the most complete part and provide the best customer experience possible.
  • A robust supply chain- From raw material sources to post-production sources for heat treatment, electroplating, bulk and precision cleaning, and customer-specific packaging. Ensure you find a supplier that does it all.
  • On time delivery– A deep draw partner will strive to meet customer’s delivery expectations.
  • ISO Quality standard– Having the ISO certification indicates that the supplier follows the standard’s processes for each production phase.

Such offerings help shorten production timelines and reduce production costs. 

Look at Industry Experience

It is important to understand the experience a metal stamping manufacturer has specific to the industry whether it’s aerospace, automotive, appliance controls, medical devices, sealing technologies, bearing components, builders’ hardware or plumbing and HVAC. They should then be familiar with any requirements or restrictions specific to the industry.

Learn about their Production Process

The deep draw process is considered advanced metalworking and it is essential to work with an experienced manufacturer for the utmost precision and accuracy of the finished parts. The supplier’s in-house development team of engineers and toolmakers are the essential liaison to the customer’s requirements.

For over 70 years, Prospect Machine Products has provided deep draw technology solutions for its customers in many industries.  Choose Prospect Machine Products as your supplier for your next deep draw project.  

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