How Deep Drawn Metal Stamping Can Save You Money

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save money with deep draw stamping

How Deep Drawn Metal Stamping Can Save You Money

Deep drawn metal stamping is an essential metal forming process for a wide variety of industries throughout the U.S. and the world. When the depth of an item matches or exceeds its diameter, the metal forming process is referred to as deep drawing.

Money Saving Advantages with Deep Draw Services

Perhaps the biggest advantage of utilizing the deep draw process is the cost-savings that it can provide when compared to alternate metal forming methods. It can replace other more costly forms of metal stamping, machining, tubing, and casting, which require multi-process machining and increased material utilization. The deep draw process saves you time and money through the efficient use of material and the ability to perform multiple, complex steps in one machine and in one process.

With deep draw, a wide variety of features can be added to the machine during the metal forming process including:

  • Rolled threads
  • Side wall piercings and lancings
  • Dimensioned dimples and spherical shapes
  • Fold overs, angled edges, and chamfers
  • Tabs, straight or bent, in the side, bottom, or top
  • Formed grooves
  • Beads: round, square or shaped
  • Smooth finishes
  • Embossed markings: weekly and daily dates, patent numbers, and logos

Another significant savings is the elimination of secondary mechanical operations.  The capability of deep draw transfer press tooling allows for a 360 degree operation of many of the features listed above. In addition, more than one customized feature can be accomplished on one part during the transfer press process. Past conversions eliminating secondary operations have reduced the cost of the component by half. 

A number of these features to eliminate secondary operations were achieved through inventions as attachments to the machine itself to supplement the conventional tooling while other features were achieved through the ingenuity of tool and die makers. When calculated into the total volume of parts required for the order, the savings to the customer is a game-changer.

Deep drawing is economical in more ways than one and is particularly valid when high volumes are being manufactured. Once tooling is complete the deep draw process is good for millions of parts with minimal down time through minor tool adjustments and repairs. In addition, tool costs are generally lower than other metal stamping tool costs.

Scrap reduction in raw material is one of the biggest savings achieved through deep drawing. This occurs through the separation of the workpiece from the metal strip in the very first operation in the transfer press rather than carrying the workpiece plus the strip through the progressive die process.

Furthermore, deep drawing from Prospect Machine Products is a great solution for any metal forming process that requires one or more of the following:

  • Seamless parts: deep drawn parts are created from a single piece of sheet metal.
  • Fast run times: large quantities of products are easily manufactured through deep drawing
  • Deep drawing delivers remarkable detailing and precision

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