How Prospect Machine Products Maintains High OEE and Customer Satisfaction

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness – OEE for Deep Draw Stamping

By Anthony Romero – Sales and Applications Engineer Manager.

The universal equation for success in manufacturing, regardless of the product, business model, market segment, or geographical location, is:

(A) x (P) x (Q) = OEE

Where (A) = Availability

             (P) = Performance

             (Q) = Quality

Availability: A high score of a 100 percent means that the manufacturing process (including equipment, gauges, and personnel) is always operating according to the planned production or scheduled time.

Performance: This is where our team optimizes the cycle time. A performance figure of 100 percent means that the press is running as fast as possible and that there are only negligible brief stops for tool maintenance.

Quality: A high score of 100 percent here means that only parts that meet specifications are manufactured. No defective parts are produced and no time-consuming rework is required.

Deep Drawn Metals- OEEFocusing on OEE at All Levels

The production team at Prospect Machine Products (PMP) executes a number of daily and weekly tasks to continually improve on our OEE. However, this isn’t strictly a production issue. Our management team meets monthly to ensure that all parameters are positively impacting OEE and we are moving toward our goal of 100 percent for every job.

Steps PMP Takes to Maximize OEE

Preventive maintenance is one of the key parameters monitored by our production team, since an unplanned equipment breakdown can adversely affect delivery times and generate production losses. We also closely monitor equipment health and condition to ensure we achieve the highest possible productivity rates. To support a smooth “running” mode, we carefully train our personnel and ensure the availability of all the tools and gauges necessary for each job.

Our toolmakers also set the press to the highest possible speed (strokes/min) to get the maximum achievable output for our deep drawn metal stampings. In addition, the selection of tools, materials and designs for a job are made with a focus on minimizing the number of stops for deep draw tool maintenance. All of these efforts come together to produce a high first pass yield, which is another key performance indicator (KPIs) we measure.

(Above: PMP’s president Richard Laurenzi going over production KPI’s that impact OEE)

Careful Process Assessment from Start to Finish

To confirm that the steps we take on the front end to ensure high OEE are effective, production and quality assurance personnel monitor defective PPM (parts per million) and scrap rates for all products and machines. They then report any instance where production issues exceed the limits we have set so that a root cause investigation can be conducted and corrective action/preventative action (CAPA) can be initiated.

Top-of-the-Line Deep Drawn Metal Services

All these efforts are made to ensure that we meet customer needs and avoid any interruptions in scheduled deliveries. Ultimately, our OEE initiatives produce a positive impact on on-time delivery and manufacturing costs.

Have a project where the timeliness, quality, and affordability of components is critical?  We’re happy to talk with you about how PMP monitors OEE to deliver the parts you need and the value you want.

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