The Importance of Raw Material Quality in the Deep Draw Metal Stamping Process

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quality of material

The metal raw material for deep drawing must be of the highest quality and meet required specifications.

The deep draw process requires extensive know-how and expertise from the toolmakers and engineers involved. These technical experts must design the proper layout for the metal forming process, define the succession of tools (punches, dies, fingers), choose the proper tool clearances, select the appropriate lubricants, and make other decisions crucial to the success of deep draw manufacturing.

However, even those who are highly skilled and experienced in deep draw processes rely heavily on necessary material properties such as tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation. In addition, the uniformity of the raw material thickness is critical to achieving the correct wall thickness of the final product, and a high degree of purity (i.e., lack of inclusions, porosity, and crystalline microstructures) of the metal is required to prevent tears in the drawn material during the deep draw process. Ultimately, insistence on exceptional raw material quality is a key difference among deep draw contract manufacturers.

At Prospect Machine Products, we maintain a close relationship with domestic material suppliers in order to ensure the highest quality in our incoming raw materials. Our procurement team continuously monitors suppliers and applies an internal scoring system to their product.

Deep Draw Metal Process

We take these steps to prevent defects in final products such as waves and wrinkles, which can occur if material properties aren’t up to spec. Not only are flawed products unacceptable, correcting the problem requires greater attention from toolmakers during production, which increases manufacturing costs and reduces first pass yield rates.

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