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Precision Medical Stampings: Good Enough is Not an Option

We understand that medical devices and parts must meet the exact specifications, tight tolerances and precise measurements outlined by industry experts. The deep draw metal stamping professionals at Prospect Machine are trained to meet our medical industry customers’ exacting standards and stringent inspection parameters and we are known for reliably delivering at this quality standard time and time again. 

These deep drawn medical stampings are used in surgical tools, drug delivery devices and other healthcare products. We are experienced in deep drawing all the materials required for medical device production including the 300 and 400 series of stainless steel and nickel-silver.

deep drawn medical stamping services

Exceeding Strict
Cleanliness Standards

deep draw stamping medical part

In close collaboration with members of our supply chain, we have the capabilities to provide clean room processes, particulate removal in the low micron range, sterile packaging services, and to meet international shipping requirements for our stamped medical devices and parts. Our deep draw transfer press technology accommodates a production range of several thousand to several million parts annually.

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