Deep Draw for Hydraulic
and Pneumatic Valves

PMP Deep Draw -
A Staple for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Valve Components

PMP’s finished deep draw hydraulic and pneumatic valve components consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. Our deep draw products are a staple to the food and beverage industries due to deep draw stamping’s ability to form complex, multiple component features in one machine. As solid one-piece components made from tough 300 series stainless steel, they provide accurate repeatability and durability over very long life cycles for both fluid and air applications. Our deep draw components are proven to prevent valve leakage and potential contamination to the food and beverage or pharmaceutical product in process.

Deep Draw Components for Fluid and Air Control Valves

Exceeding Strict Sealing and Cleanliness Standards

Bottle Filling Pneumatic Valve Application

Among the stampings we fabricate for our customers, many are longer tube-like components requiring stepped diameters with very close tolerances to accommodate subassembly fit. Your hydraulic and pneumatic valve components must meet critical sealing and cleanliness requirements. To that end, we have developed a rigorous, repeatable process with our supply chain’s precision cleaner to assure your stringent requirements are met. The cleaning process removes the deep draw lubricant and applies a precise low microfinish to both the interior and exterior of the part.

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