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PMP is a preferred supplier to the firearms industry providing components of unprecedented quality. 

Our QMS system is ISO:90012015 certified and we take pride in our quality control procedures. Our commitment to quality ensures that every part that leaves PMP meets the required level of precision and quality that our customers expect. 

We have remained true to our humble beginnings and proudly continue to manufacture right here in the USA.

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Fine-tuned Tooling Design for Precision Gun Parts

Recoil Spring Guides and Bushings

Much like using a firearm, accuracy and precision are critical to every stage of development, starting with an initial sample and finishing with high volume gun parts manufacturing.

Here at PMP, we’re experts at producing complex deep drawn firearm parts geometries often required by the gun industry. We use our tooling design and engineering capabilities to deliver custom components including recoil spring guides and bushings to your exact specifications.

Material choice and surface finish are important to our customers looking for deep drawn precision gun components. Metals commonly used in firearm components include carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloys.

We can add value to your project through a variety of deep draw forming operations and finishing companies to support our deep draw metal stamping process.

Available finishing services include:

Heat treatment including austemper, case hardening, annealing, FNC and carbonitriding

Specialty finishing including black oxide, zinc, nickel and epoxy resin

Specialty packaging and precision cleaning

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