Deep Draw for
Bearing Components

Increasing Bearing Life
Through Machine Capability

The deep drawing process is considered an essential and preferred metal forming process by our needle roller and ball bearing customers because of the technology’s ability to provide increased life in bearing components and to maintain:

♦ Shaped radiuses

♦ Tight dimensional tolerances

♦ Smooth inside surface finishes

♦ Uniformity of wall thicknesses

♦ Concentricity of the outside dimension

Deep Drawn Needle Bearing Cups

Meeting the Stringent
Requirements of the
Bearings Industry

deep draw stamping bearings for cars

We form higher carbon content steels and pre-plated materials for deep draw stamped bearing components and assemblies. At Prospect Machine, we work in dimensional tolerances as close as .0005 (.013mm), achieved through our machine capability and precise tooling design. We consistently produce surface finishes free of score marks and burrs through rigorous tooling maintenance and vigilant inspection processes. 

The deep draw transfer press operation also assures a uniform wall thickness. Additional critical fit performed at the transfer press is needle insertion to check inside dimension conformance of these bearing components. Besides data collection, lot traceability is maintained on a weekly basis through embossed stamps applied in the transfer press process.

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