Deep Draw for
Aerospace & Defense

Tight Tolerances and
Precise Measurements.

Just What We're Made For.

In Aerospace, “good enough” simply is not an option. Everything must meet the exact specifications, tight tolerances and precise measurements outlined by industry experts. The deep draw metal stamping professionals at Prospect Machine are trained to meet our Aerospace customers’ exacting standards and stringent inspection parameters and we are known for reliably delivering at this quality standard time and time again.

Jet Engine

Dealing Effectively with All Your Strict Requirements

At Prospect Machine Products, we are able to manufacture these products using stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, Inconel, and other exotic alloys. Our experience with deep drawing applications in the aerospace industry enables us to deal effectively with all of the industry’s strict requirements.

We are well-experienced in manufacturing aerospace and defense products such as:

♦ Closed-end containers

♦ Light sockets

♦ Sleeves

♦ Bearings

♦ Various housings

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Various Deep Draw Metal Parts