Customer Feedback: Critical to Successful Deep Draw Projects and Strong Relationships

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Customer feedback is essential for companies offering a positive and personal customer experience.

Today’s business environment is fast-paced and highly competitive. Consequently, it is crucial that deep draw manufacturers understand what customers want in order to provide rapid turnaround and satisfying experience, from the initial contact to the final delivery of parts.

In a previous blog we discussed the “right here, right now” availability demands of potential customers who are considering a new deep draw provider and current customers looking to start new projects. We accommodate that need through everything from prompt replies to emails, to online chat, video conferences, and file sharing.

But customers also have expectations for a rapid response to requests for a quote, answers to technical questions, and input about how to improve the overall product such as material specifications, deep draw metal forming suggestions, or elimination of secondary operations. Being able to provide this information is all part of a positive customer service experience and is a requirement for successful contract manufacturers.

Asking for Customer Input on Our Deep Draw Manufacturing Services

At Prospect Machine Products (PMP), we know that customers have these expectations and consistently meet our goals of providing quotes within 48 hours and answers to questions about manufacturability before the end of the following business day. How do we know what customers want? It starts with listening!

Not long ago, we sent a survey to all of our customers asking for feedback in the following areas:

  • Quality
  • On-time delivery (OTD)
  • Competitive pricing
  • Loyalty and the likelihood of engagement in future projects
  • Customer service
  • Technical support
  • Rapid response to quotes

The objective was to obtain a current status on our efforts as well as to get input that would help us know where to focus our energy going forward. We’re pleased to say that the feedback we received indicated that our team excels on all areas surveyed. These results were highly motivational, since they tell us that our high standards and hard work are noticed by customers.

However, we’re not using this feedback as an excuse to relax. We’re continuing to implement lean manufacturing techniques to further optimize our processes while keeping customer satisfaction as our “true north.” In fact, our focus has expanded from the traditional goals of high quality, OTD, competitive pricing, and shorter lead times to include a positive overall buying experience. This allows us to fully understand customer pain points so that we can be proactive in addressing needs and solving problems. For example, we are asking questions about demand volatility, design changes for assembly purposes, compliance with new requirements (DFMA), and other issues.

Customers tell us that our flexibility and cooperative spirit are two of the reasons they are very happy with our services. We intend to continue making these collaborative relationships the cornerstone of our efforts to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Work with Experienced Deep Draw Manufacturers

Have a project where rapid delivery and partnership with a provider who listens are of the essence?  As experts in deep draw stamping, we’re eager to talk with you about your challenges and how PMP can deliver the parts you need and the value you want. Contact us! Email or call 203-758-4448, X102 for our Sales Manager, Taylor.