Becoming the Contract Manufacturer of Choice for Customers in Mexico

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By Anthony Romero – Sales & Applications Engineering Mgr.

Prospect Machine Products

September 30, 2019

Becoming the Contract Manufacturer of Choice for Customers in Mexico

Because it’s not only driven by raw material prices, but transportation costs and manufacturing efficiencies as well, the deep draw metal stamping market is constantly changing. To ensure that our company is recognizing and adapting to those changes, we attend a number of trade events each year.

PMP had the opportunity to travel to a Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) conference in Queretaro, Mexico this past August. This interesting and informative event dealt with press maintenance, lubrication, integrated systems, safety, and other issues related to metal stamping. All the topics were addressed by highly knowledgeable people like Bob Braswell (Consultamex), David Lara (Flex Systems), and Pedro Martinez (Tower Metalworking ) to mention just a few.

However, the networking sessions were also very important. In those interactions the degree of sophistication and attention to detail of our Mexican colleagues in the metal stamping industry became evident.

Connecting with Our Latin American Customers and Prospects

After the conference, our team embarked on a tour encompassing several states in Central Mexico including Aguascalientes, San Miguel de Allende, San Luis Potosi, and Queretaro, visiting several customers and prospects in the region. Although there are many tools available for digital communication, there is nothing like meeting someone in person and shaking their hand. That personal connection is especially important in Latin American culture. In fact, the following quote shows this relation: In friendship, as in business, relationships must bring benefits to both parties as happens in all alliances They imply respect, trust and mutual dependence (Quote translated from Integración Empresarial – Consultants)

Observations on Deep Draw Metal Stamping Needs in Mexico

(Left photo) PMP's technical presentation (San Miguel de Allende - Mexico)Something that caught our eye during our travels was the variety of complex geometries and engineered high-tech alloys for deep draw that were points of discussion with our Mexican counterparts.

There is no doubt that our neighbors to the south are designing intricate components where the technical know-how of Prospect Machine Products can be helpful. This became even more clear during a lunch-and-learn PMP session and technical discussion that was hosted by one of our customers. Audience members asked many insightful technical questions.

(Left photo) PMP’s technical presentation (San Miguel de Allende – Mexico)


Strong Relationships Throughout North America

At PMP, we’re proud of our on-time delivery, excellent product quality, engineering support, competitive pricing, and most importantly, our close customer/supplier relationships with all of our North American customers, from Canada to Mexico and all around the U.S.

Have a deep draw metal stamping project that would be best handled by a provider that truly cares about your success? Contact us! Email or call 203-758-4448, X102 for our Sales Manager, Nicole Taylor.