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How Our Real-Time Communication Capabilities Benefit Our Deep Draw Customers

(Anthony Romero – PMP – Sales and Applications Engineering Manager)

The deep draw manufacturing process is advanced in terms of its ability to deliver cost savings through reduced materials consumption, fewer fabrication steps to arrive at a finished part, and less dimensional variability for the millions of parts we produce annually for our customers. However, our approach to communicating about that very efficient and cost-effective process was not, until recently, similarly advanced.

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August 15, 2017_Responding to the “right here, right now” customer*

(Anthony Romero – PMP – Sales and Applications Engineering Manager)

During Prospect Machine Products’ 67 years in business we have always listened to our customers. This listening and understanding has given us a perspective and level of interaction with our customers that most manufacturers don’t have. It has also given us insight into how we can better work to satisfy their changing buying behavior. Continue reading


Lean Awareness Training – The New Culture

On Friday, May 22, the entire Prospect Machine Products’ team completed a Lean Awareness Training Program as a launch into Lean thinking and processes. Part of the program consisted of hands-on training exercises as well as discussions that introduced our team to the strategies, tools and methods to succeed and thrive with our customers. Continue reading

Naugatuck Valley Community College Manufacturing Milestones

A Family’s Story
The History of Prospect Machine Products

Manufacturing Milestones NVCC

On October 30, 2014, Naugatuck Valley Community College presented a symposium on the history of manufacturing in the Greater Waterbury Area with a special focus on family-owned manufacturing businesses. The program included a visual history of the area rendered through art works provided by The Mattatuck Museum of Waterbury

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Below are remarks delivered by Richard A. Laurenzi, the president of Prospect Machine Products.



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