Industrial Plumbing and HVAC

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Deep Drawn Parts for Industrial Plumbing and HVAC Applications


plumbing metal stamping componentsThere are significant benefits of using deep draw stamping in industrial plumbing and HVAC applications. The process has proven successful when it comes to plumbing metal stamping components because of the water/airtight construction and considerable strength qualities that deep draw stamping provides.

We are highly qualified with various types of metals, including a variety of stainless-steel grades and other specialized materials that provide corrosion resistance properties which can be crucial for plumbing component stampings. This know-how has allowed us to work effectively with industrial plumbing and HVAC component manufacturers. 


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Our Plumbing Metal Stamping Application Focus:

  • Stiffeners

  • Hose Ferrules

  • Fittings and Connectors

  • Housing Covers, Retainers and Cups

  • Sensors and Thermostats

  • Bearings

  • Gaskets

  • Solenoids and Actuators

Prospect Machine Products has been a leading specialist in the manufacture of plumbing metal stamping components for 70 years. Over the years we have strived to develop our customer base by offering a variety of products from simple to sophisticated in design. We have proven successful in this endeavor and have supplied to several industries including those in the plumbing and HVAC markets. 

See our recent blog, A customer’s Pain Point and a Deep Draw Solution” for more information about a successful conversion project in the plumbing industry.

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