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Custom Deep Drawn Sensor Components


A variety of industrial sensor components are suitable only to the deep draw process. Deep draw sensor components can be found in a diverse number of sensor assemblies for measurement, monitoring, control, and air activity. Prospect Machine Products’ drawn parts are precise, complex, and cost effective for the industrial sensor industry, especially against the high material costs, longer cycle times, and secondary operations required by machining.

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Prospect Machine’s sensor components work spans a range of materials, including deep drawn aluminum, copper, low and high carbon content steels, and an assortment of stainless steels. Our customers’ designs can translate to quite intricate shapes with multiple features that only a transfer press can finish completely within the machine. Some of these fabricated features within the press include:

  • Knife or blade openings
  • Side wall piercings
  • Side wall removals

Other fabricated features are produced via our established value-added service providers, such as passivation and precision cleaning.

These customer-specified feature requirements, accomplished through the deep draw process, serve both an air mixing and ventilation function for the sensor component itself. The sensor components we make serve several functions including shielding, heat exchange, air flow, and fuel and air mix at measured rates within rugged and corrosive environments.

Along with this mix of environmental indicator sensors, Prospect Machine also forms deep draw parts for assemblies of primary process temperature sensors to monitor process performance and capabilities. Many of these parts are perishable due to extreme temperatures, but they function to protect the sensor element for the correct and necessary amount of time needed to achieve temperature measurement.