Appliance Controls

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Precision Deep Drawn Parts for Appliance Controls


PMP is a preferred deep draw stamping provider to leading global suppliers of assemblies used in appliance controls for heating, air conditioning, cookware, thermostats, and other household appliances.

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Prospect’s deep drawing process creates components for:

  • Residential and commercial cookware, such as deep fryer temperature controls and stainless steel deep draw burner orifices
  • Refrigerator evaporation and condenser fan motor housings
  • Perforated filters for residential and commercial coffee makers
  • Hollow body stacking rivets for steam irons

Through a dedicated supply chain of value-added services for deep drawing, Prospect Machine Products will supply you with services critical to the successful launch and continued supply of on-time deliveries. The common services we supply to our appliance control customers include:

  • Heat treatment
  • Plating and coatings
  • Precision micron-level cleaning

Our suppliers have been selected using rigorous measures required by deep drawing. They are all qualified to ISO standards as well as on-site audits. Beyond this, they must also display consistent reliability, dependability, and integrity.

The deep draw forming process is well suited for appliance controls. The deep draw process saves time and money through the efficient use of material and the ability to perform multiple, complex steps in one machine and in one process, reducing material waste typical of turned components. The ability to bead, thread, pierce windows and snap tabs into the side of parts, in the press provides a time- and cost-effective solution to your appliance control stamping needs.