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Deep Drawing Metal Stamping for Aerospace and Defense


Manufacturing components for machinery and other metal-based products has become quite dependent on the strength of the components as well as the speed by which they can be produced. There are a variety of ways to manufacture these components such as machining or casting, but these methods can be very time-consuming, especially for complicated parts. However, deep draw stamping eliminates the time inefficiency and simplifies the process.

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Because the process is so versatile and creates extremely strong products, deep drawing applications are almost endless. One of the many applications that Prospect Machine Products specializes in is aerospace and defense. “Good enough” simply is not permitted, and there is no room for manufacturing error when it comes to tight tolerances and precise measurements of the aerospace industry. Everything must meet the exact specifications outlined by industry experts, and our professionals in deep drawn metal stamping ensure quality is their number one priority.

The inspection requirements for the aerospace industry are extremely stringent, and the sampling rate is often two or three times the requirements for industrial applications. Aerospace clients also require a high process capability index, and dimensions are often monitored with statistical process control. Regardless of the size or complication of the part, Prospect Machine Products uses deep draw stamping to create any number of components for your aerospace or defense company.

At Prospect Machine Products, we are able to manufacture these products using stainless steel, aluminum, Inconel, and other exotic alloys. We can also provide traceability to raw materials, and our team conducts Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (DFMEA), if necessary.

Our experience with deep drawing applications in the aerospace industry enables us to deal effectively with all of the industry’s strict requirements. We are well-experienced in manufacturing aerospace and defense products such as closed-end containers, light sockets, sleeves, bearings, and housings in aluminum, stainless, and copper.

What Is Deep Draw Stamping?

Deep draw stamping is a high-quality process of fabricating metal components in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. It is especially unique in that it can perform multiple, complex production steps in one machine through one process. Rather than requiring multi-process machining and the use of increased material of other processes like machining, tubing, and casting, deep draw stamping eliminates those issues and streamlines the process.

When using other methods, a complicated shape would be nearly impossible to manufacture efficiently. Because deep draw stamping completes all processes in one machine, the print specifications of any part can be met in the most timely manner possible. 

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For over 70 years, our deep draw stamping professionals at Prospect Machine Products have been working with a variety of companies including aerospace and defense businesses to manufacture the product components they need. Our quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and our deep draw metal forming skills consistently meet or exceed customer expectations in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Contact us today to book an appointment or get a quote for your next project.