Deep Draw Applications

Deep Drawing Process Used for Industry Applications

Deep drawing can be used for a variety of applications across a range of manufacturing industries, each offering our customers many benefits over other fabrication methods. The deep draw process holds out cost savings in less material consumption, reduced fabrication costs to arrive at a finished part, and less dimensional variability for the millions of parts we produce for our customers each year. 

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Industries That Use Deep Drawing Processes

The deep draw process is suitable for the manufacturing of components utilized in multiple industries. Deep draw stamping can accommodate complex designs and a comprehensive range of materials can be used. Deep drawn metal components are used in numerous commercial sectors including sealing technologies, medical devices, needle and ball bearings, industrial and appliance controls, security hardware and automotive.

Deep Draw Appliance Controls Components

Deep draw stamping control components serve as precision nozzles, sensor housings, and thermostatic applications. Designed for high-heat and high-pressure environments and for corrosion resistance, 300 series stainless steel is frequently the material of choice for deep draw forming.

Deep Draw Bearings Components

High carbon steels and pre-coated steels are the primary materials used in deep draw stamping for cups and housings for needle roller bearing applications. Very close tolerances are held to maintain high performance and minimal wear. Precise surface finishes, another essential tolerance, are rendered through the deep draw forming process.

Deep Draw Sealing Technology Components

Deep draw metal inserts provide formed shapes to facilitate the molding process, eliminating machining as a secondary operation off the transfer press. Deep draw sealing components require heat treatment for hardness, special lubricants for the transfer press, and precision cleaning and coatings to ensure the bonding process. All these value-added features are provided through PMP’s supply chain.

Deep Draw Medical Device Components

Prospect Machine Products has extensive experience working to the standards of the medical device industry. The deep draw components we produce are from 300 and 400 series stainless steel. PMP has worked extensively to develop a supply chain for deep draw precision cleaning and packaging to meet the rigorous standards of the industry.

Deep Draw Components for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Valves

For pharmaceutical, food processing, and rugged industrial environments. Materials include copper and stainless steels. Processes include precision cleaning and specialty coatings. Learn about our deep draw components for hydraulic and pneumatic valves.

Deep Draw Aerospace Defense Components

Deep Draw closed-end containers, sleeves, and housings in aluminum, stainless, and copper. Learn more about our deep draw components for Aerospace.

Deep Draw Automotive Components

Deep draw stampings for automotive components span a range of performance applications across the spectrum of car makes and models. Multiple deep draw forms are essential in suspension, fuel control, thermal management systems, and electronic controls throughout the vehicle.

Much value is added to the deep draw components for the automotive sector. Prospect Machine Products has a well-developed and integral supply chain for heat treatment, corrosion-resistant finishes, and specialty cleaning to the micron level.

“Our customers appreciate the many benefits, including the level of added value and cost savings, that our deep draw process yields over other forms of fabrication.”  Richard Laurenzi, President