The PMP Advantage

Leading Manufacturers of Deep Draw Metal Stamping

As globalization continues to change the world of manufacturing, PMP remains dedicated to advancing its process, technology, and facility to meet the ever-increasing demands that our customers face as their products move upstream through the supply chain. 

We understand that in order for you to meet these new demands, you need a deep draw supplier who offers more than just making and selling a part. You need a partner who can offer accessibility, added value, flexibility, and cost savings. By working collaboratively as a team, we can rapidly address your pain points around design, manufacturability, and cost.

Prospect Machine Product’s ability to stay attuned and agile to our deep draw customers’ fluctuating schedules, shifting production needs, and engineering revisions allow us to allocate our resources on a daily basis as requirements shift. Customer notifications and resource allocations are determined daily in Gemba (production meetings) so that we maintain our agility to changes in your schedules with optimum shop load and material purchasing.

Need engineering assistance in deep draw design and material selection? Your team will have access to our engineers and tool and die makers for close collaboration during the design, redesign, and tooling process.

Need a time table for tooling completion, process qualification, engineering builds, and sample production? We can work with you by providing flexibility, agility, and technical know-how to optimize the delivery of your product to the marketplace.

Have a new product launch? We can tailor our internal process to accommodate the pace.

Need a quick turnaround on a quote? We will get it to you in 24-48 hours. 

We continue to seek new opportunities, as every contract manufacturer must. Contact us to start the conversation. 

deep draw parts for pneumatic, automotive o2 sensors and security hardware applications

We want to thank all of our customers for the work they have awarded us in recognition of our talents. Richard Laurenzi, President

“I have always found the team at Prospect Machine Products very responsive and cooperative to the changing needs of our company over time. Whether the challenge has been product innovation, supply changes, or quality assurance, the team at PMP has met each one successfully.”
-Purchasing Manager, Industrial Labeling