About Us

Roots in the Past, Commitment to the Future

Prospect Machine Products was established in 1950 by our founders, Michael and Concetta Pugliese. Together they established the core values that continue to guide us every day. Michael was succeeded in the presidency by his daughter Mary Pavone. Under Mary’s leadership, Prospect Machine Products grew to over 20,000 square feet (1,800 meters) of combined manufacturing, administration and warehousing operations.

Today, with 26 transfer presses, with both an expanded tool room and production space, Prospect Machine Products continues this family owned tradition with Michael’s son-in-law Richard Laurenzi as president.

Our deep drawing business was founded and primarily served surrounding manufacturers in nearby Connecticut towns, then spread to manufacturing markets in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. As president, Mary more than tripled the company’s annual sales, adding significant new floor space and capital equipment, and guided the company to ISO certification. Because of her efforts, our reach expands throughout the United States and to international markets.

Since the beginning, we have been committed to the adoption of best practices, using the most current deep draw metal forming methods and processes for tool design and layout, production processes, and quality assurance. We tailor our deep drawing expertise in our metal forming technology to our customers’ needs and best practices. We are the preferred provider of deep draw metal stampings for our customers.

All of the team members at Prospect Machine Products are vital to our continuing growth and success. Our people exhibit the same values of discipline, hard work, and ingenuity as our founders. We regard our team as a workplace family, with deep roots and a common vision in our commitment to the growth of our future.